Subject:Hardwood flooring business in BC, Haida Gwaii?
Author:  Alex in Ontario  (
Date: 8/12/2011 06:35
Hello from Toronto! I lived in BC from 2005-2007 and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately my (now ex) girlfriend wanted to move back to Ontario after graduating from UBC, so I moved back as well.

I just love the mountains, the trees, the salmon, the people, the history, everything!

I've started up a hardwood floor sanding and finishing, installation business (I can do high end floors, refinish old beat up floors, etc.). I also sand and refinish wood decks with my equipment which keeps me busy here in Toronto.

I very much like the idea of moving to a small community (think Haida Gwaii). Would I have a chance in hell to survive out west? I was lucky the first time around, got a government contract installing water meters in Richmond and made $350 a day on average.

What I really want to hear are success stories like mine. Is there another forum for people with similar stories (ie handy guys like me started up a business in a small town)? I want to know how tough it would really be. Do people in small communities have money? Do they want hardwood floors installed, sanded or finished? Do they want their decks refinished?

Thanks in advance!

-Alex in Whitby (just outside of Toronto)
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